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Dear Faith Family,

The coronavirus pandemic has caused us to fundamentally shift the way we do ministry here at Canterbury for the rest of the semester. As classes at A&M have moved to online-only, many of our students have moved back home. And currently our guidelines are that we not gather in groups of more than 10 people. How does a community stay connected when we cannot gather? In two ways that tie back to our deep roots in the Christian monastic tradition, through prayer and work, "ora et labora."

Here you will find resources for ORA, ways to gather and pray the hours of the day together: Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer, Wednesday Worship, and Compline. By praying together, we will stay together connected across time and space. Please note that Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer and Wednesday Worship are LIVE events. Morning Prayer and Compline are pre-recorded to use at a time that works for you.

You will also find resources for LABORA, ways we can serve. Currently we seek volunteers to help the elderly and homebound in College Station through picking up groceries, medicine, and taking out meals to leave at doorsteps. There's also a link to let me know you need to talk with me if you are feeling isolated yourself and need to reach out via text, phone, FaceTime or Zoom. And you can join our online Bible Study Thursday nights.

And for fun, to guide us through this time, we have our new mascot, CanterBeary, to show us the way! CanterBeary is a monk-bear, and monks know how to structure their days around prayer and work in a way that keeps them connected to God and to one another.

Christ's peace, 

Rev Rich Nelson



"Ora" means to pray. Us monks pray several times a day to keep us connected to God and each other. Use these times to give structure to your day so you don't feel so alone.

Morning Prayer


Pray As You Go is a wonderful daily prayer podcast based around a scripture reading for the day, read twice for deeper reflection, a question to help you integrate it into your life, and calm, meditative music to help us center ourselves for the start of a new day.

Noonday Prayer

Join us for Noonday Prayer every weekday at 12:00pm as we check in and offer prayers for that day up to God. Join us on Zoom at

evening Prayer

Join ALL of the college campus ministries in the Diocese of Texas for a joint Evening Prayer every weekday at 6pm. Join us on Zoom at


Compline is the final service of the day before bed. A quiet service commending ourselves to God's loving care.

Service Sheet available here

Live most nights at 

Alternatively pre-recorded versions:

Audio recording led by Gregory Cross


Video recording led by Lillian Brannen

00:00 / 04:38

Wednesday night worship

This is our big Wednesday evening service just moved online. It will have all your favorite things from worship - music by our music team, bible readings, prayers, and Rich saying stuff that will change the entire trajectory of your life (or at least make you pause and think for a moment). Join us on Zoom at



"Labora" means to work. It is important in times like this to have meaningful labor that serves to help others, especially those in most need.

Deliver food/Meds

Let Rich know if you are able to help deliver groceries, medicine or prepared meals to elderly homebound people in the B/CS area.


Let Rich know if you are needing to talk about any trouble, stress or anxiety you might be facing.

prayer requests

Do you need prayer or know someone who does. Email us to let us know and we'll include your prayer request in our daily noonday prayer service

bible study

Join us on Thursday nights at 7:30pm for Bible Study as we take a deeper look at the one we follow and why we follow him above others at

meals for you +1

We are working with the Dine-In Dude to continue our weekly meals but now in an individual serving size you can pick up from Canterbury. If you pick one up we will ask that you also pick up another to give to someone you know who might be food insecure. If you don't know someone let us know and we'll give you the name of an elderly person from St. Thomas parish to take a meal to.

Stay tuned to our emails for details.

Spending time alone or with unstructured days can be difficult and lead to depression. It is important to keep a daily routine. I suggest you:

1. Get up at a regular time and get dressed every day. It will help you feel normal.

2. Create a schedule that keeps you on task, remember to include time for prayer, work/study, recreation and rest.

3. Spend time outdoors and enjoy nature. Thankfully, it is springtime and there is much beauty to take in.

4. Stay connected. Call, text, videochat, DM, IM, share on Instagram, get on HouseParty, or whatever. Get together with friends in small groups.

5. Take breaks. Step away from the computer, the news, the tv, the phone, and do something to refresh and decompress.

And stay in touch with Canterbury!